June 30, 2010

day 3

sleep: 447am wake 1208PM

Morning fix: neava, tea tree toner, tto on sp,  tto lotion.

Accomplished: picked up gparents, CLEAN LIKE CRAZY.

cocopuffs in nonfat milk, 1/2 ham turkey sandwich with lettuce on whole wheat toast.

evening fix: neava, tto toner, tto lotion, even better

ate out at a chinese diner.
night fix: neutrogena facewash, greenacnfwash, neutro toner, tto night lotion. lazy today.

i <3 my grandparents. whenever they come, my brain switches to Taiwanese mode. tia bo ying gee ga go gee
I love guess except I really don't like their style of purses. I'm not very into the metal knockers and faux shiny leather.. After 1.5 hours of people watching at the airport today. I noticed that many women around the age of 30-50 own coach bags. specifically brown and black colored.

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