June 26, 2010

let’s make “eye” contact.

Original Entry posted on the 22nd of June:

In the past 4 days i’ve been growing quite fond of swimming. and jacuuzziing

so noice. but usually  in the jacuzzi, I end up talking to 70 year old grannies who live nearby and talk about their successful grand sons and daughters.

Yesterday I met Tamara, who lives apparently slanted across from us. She was surprised had we lived there … for 18 years already.  Due to my family’s constant avoidance of any meetings or socials in “____ ______ homeowners Association”, we barely know our neighbors .  Anyway, I told her I just graduated two weeks ago.. to which I was congratulated upon.  Next she was like ” So what is your upcoming plans” …. ::long shpeel follows:: I learned her daughter graduated from stanford. :: clap clap:::  and is a doctor now in Chicago. And she has two sons.. blady bladhy snoree..

Anyway, this whole time, I had no glasses on.  And so, I was nervous cuz I didn’t know if I was looking at her head, her eyes, mouth, her neck or her bathing suit for that matter.  I gauged my eyes to the area of where her eyes probably were.  hahha All I knew from the blur was that she was a caucasian eldery lady. So after a 30 min convo, I hear my dad calling us…. so I tell her my sis and I probably should go. And I put on my glasses to find that she is a good 3X smaller than I imagined (blurr made her much wider).  And her voice matched her looks.  [/endpost of June 22nd]

Now at this point, there might seem like there is no purpose in my entry. And I thought so as well... that is, until I went back to LA

Three days later, I went back to my apt in LA. I forgot my glasses and only had my contacts. So every night after 11, I would be in blind mode. During this time, I asked my roomates to see if I was looking at their eyes when I was talking to them in my blind state.  Both of them said I had completely misshot their eyes by several degrees.  My "eyecontact" was in actuallity a very intent stare at the space right next to their eyes, or at their nose etc.

In conclusion, I'm sorry Tamara! If I ever see you again, maybe I will tell you the reason why I was staring at your nose or eyebrow the whole time during our last conversation.

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