June 25, 2010

the 761 then the 750.

The last thing on my mind Thursday night when I went to bed would be that the ext morning, I'd be going to Universal CityWalk.... by bus! It took us one bus switch and two good hours, but we got there! If anyone ever thought LA Bus drivers are mean... think again.  Not only did they direct us with the correct way and route, Tiff and I got 2 complimentary rides because we didn't know that day passes are not purchased on the bus.  We each had an unbreakable five dollar bill so the drivers were kind and told us just to take the ride.  I have to be honest when we first set out on our adventure, I was only 60% sure we would get there...  somehow in the back of my mind I felt we would just give up and go back the same way we left LOL.  But we made it!

 Hey, four years of UCLA education put to great use. I know how to ride the Metro now!

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