June 28, 2010

my father was sporting raybans before you were born.

Yes mam. My father was sporting raybans before you were born.  During my break today I went though some photo albums hidden in the dusty cabinets above our washing machine.  And I discovered several things:

1. Fashion evolves but also cycles.  High waisted skirts/shorts, ray-bans, big glasses, skinny jeans, flats. As my boyfriend once mentioned in his chart topping song, "what goes around comes around" (JUST KIDDING).  Maybe this is a clue that history repeats itself? Maybe. Just please ...no 70 styles... fro do's give me the chills. Almost as bad as those john travolta jeans. But I digress.

2. My mother and father had a western/european style wedding along with an asian one where they wore traditional attire.  The latter I knew... but the former I was quite surprised about.  Let me tell you. Looking at pics of my dad in a tux/bowtie and my mother in a European full lengthed red gown was a bit traumatizing.  As in ... "OMG THEY WERE STYLISH ONCE?" ;) With all the love and respect in my heart, I wonder... If a half black half indian person married a half white half asian person in Mexico.  Would they have 5  different themed weddings?

3. I LOVE FERRETS. they are so cute so cute sooooooo cute.  I love I like.  If I had one, I would name it BOW. How can you ever say no to this face: click,  and you know what's cooler? I've seen one with my own naked eyes before. Proof:

I think this made my day... and OH OH. my mother was sporting over sized sunglasses before you all were born as well. ohhh

just kids :)

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