March 03, 2011

Kettle Me Happy

Jukebox: Annie Waits - Ben Folds

You know those moments when you realize "OH CRAP I'M LATE!", but thankfully whatever you have to do doesn't require much prep beforehand such as:

rushing a package to a post office before it closes,
returning a book to a library on the day it's due,
picking up your sibling from school.....

And in these moments when attire or facade doesn't take precedence.. you take ONLY what you need.

rewind to last night when I suddenly realized I had to pick up my sister.

I grabbed my necessities in a whim and trudged my way to the garage when I heard my mom exclaim behind me."why are you bringing that?"

to my own surprise, I realized that aside from my keys and wallets dangling from my right,

I had conveniently grabbed this in my left hand... arm...

Half Eaten... large sized kettle corn for the WIN :)

goes to show what's a "necessity" in my life.... -__-

On the topic of food... this is my most current discovery/obsession.

Oh Taiwanese Styled Taro Slushi ... where have you been the past two decades of my life?

Taro flavored slushi intermixed with boba, pudding, jellies, small tapiocas.

Believe it or not, I had this for the first time exactly one week ago. Yum.


  1. OMG THOSE SLUSHIES LOOK SO GOOOOD. I love small tapiocas! AHHH <3

  2. i reeeeaaaalllly want one of those Taiwanese style boba slushes right now!!! They look so good!!!