March 26, 2011

The fine line between emotions

Take a look at this picture.

Not the table ... but me!  Looks like I'm in pain right?
Maybe something bit me from under the table... now look at this shot taken a millisecond later.

a blatant mid-laugh shot.

Comparing between both pictures, I can't really tell the expressional difference between individual facial featuresYet, the emotions portrayed as a whole differ immensely between one picture versus the another. (at least for me)

Many decisions made in life are like this.... eliciting a mixture of many emotions.

Elation, uncertainty, nervousness and anticipation.

I guess this best describes how I am feeling right now because I just sealed the envelope that will determine the next 1.5-2 years of my life.

After narrowing my decisions down to 3 school and juggling pros and cons for about two months with family,  friends and my magic 8 ball....I've made my decision. Bye UCLA! Bye Emory! Ahh this is it!!

I'm excited because everything about the program I am looking for in terms of career and future preparation.  Ironically, I'm also reuniting with a home I haven't seen in two decades.... still the obvious distance scares me as well.

Hopefully over a decade of socal sunshine hasn't spoiled me too much with weather endurance.  Perhaps, I shall kiss my tan bye bye and come back pale too ;) (in a good way)


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