March 08, 2011

Food Fun Friends and "F"otography

Jukebox: Lights- The Listening

After weeks of my monotonous work sleep cycle, I had finally two lucky opportunities to hang out!

Cafe Hiro in Cypress CA was our latest destination, smack in the middle of each of our triangular commute. This asian fusion luncheon was set at 12PM, and we all arrived around 12:30. This is how alike we are in practices :)

Welcome to our technology oriented era....

70% of the lunch, I made conversation with their cellphones not faces...... JKJK :)

Extensive menu of decently priced dishes!

delicious soup. As T & M says: a mixture of miso and curry.

Delicious BBQ Steak Salad. A Bold infusion of flavors. 

Playing with the fisheye function. Unfortunately amplifying crappy complexion.

Frozen treats for dessert. Italian ice + vanilla soft serve!

PS.  HAPPY 38 (SAN BA) DAY!!!!

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