February 27, 2011

"Accordion" to my schedule, I'm free for lunch today.

While cleaning my closet yesterday night... I found my vintage accordian purse!

I figured I'd take the opportunity to play with my Canon S95 while mixing and matching a fun outfit like those on lookbook.nu
click to enlarge

My shoulders look so slouchy in this pic. But I ACTUALLY LOOK PALE! gasp

The world would be a scary place if no one had eyebrows. Don't overpluck ladies!

Does anyone I know want shots of themselves? 

My sister was an unwilling model so I had to suffice myself... with myself. hahaha and I don't want future photos to all be of me. LOL that's kinda err... 


  1. interesting semi-popped collar. I wonder how that looks from behind

  2. You look gorgeous my dear! So sophisticated and vogue-ish!

    ~your beloved Berno