March 04, 2011

The sky must be falling!

Jukebox: Pocketful of Sunshine-Natasha Bedingfield

why? Gas is $3.89 a gallon. Not premium either >=O

Navigating my golden box-on-wheels has become a tremendously pricey task.

Times recently featured an article on biodiesel made from cow fat used to power the Amtrak.  Could they do this for regular automobiles?! Come on engineers of America!!!

On second, thought... this would be beefy business huh?  haha.. uh... ok not funny -__-

However aside from gas prices, today was a triumphant driving day for the following reasons.
  1.  decided to slow down three seconds before a police car pulled out of an alley.
  2. was stuck behind two slow sedans and a pickup truck (offwhite with a ladder in the back.. those are always the slooowwest) for less then three seconds when they all decided to change lanes simultaneously. I felt like Bruce in the Bruce Almighty's,  Traffic Jam Scene @ 0:29
  3. only had to honk six times today.
  4. encountered green lights all the way to work.
  5. had un-overlapping commercial breaks on KIIS vs. AMP.
  6. listened to Britney Spears interview on KIIS this morning.
  7. loll joking about #3 ... and maybe #6 ?!?! :X

In related news.... after many years of living in my hometown, I have somehow disinterred the approximate locations and times of where police and pseudo police cars (with tinted windows and no officer inside) hide. I don't want to jinx myself, but generally, I'm accurate 87.38% of the time. I'd gladly map it out like that hilarious Youtube comedian who mapped out the Astroblasters ride at Disneyland, however... I'm pretty sure this is semi-shady business.

Nevertheless... it's a nice knowledge to keep in handy. Especially like today, when I woke up at 7:50 and work begins at 8 :X

(I'm generally a hopeless chicken when it comes to speeding.)


  1. you honk 6 times? I have not honked 6 times since I started driving! Although I have stuck my head out my window and shouted "WHAT THE FUCK" to the car behind me once when I was in baltimore...

  2. OH goshhh my bad.. I meant joking on #3. I must have mixed up the numbers! haha yea i dont think ive honked 6 times my whole life... yet