February 17, 2011

but she dozed off as I finished typing this.

Jukebox: Lights- Lions!  Apparently this song is about Warcraft ;)

Generational differences are most apparent when we work with people much younger then us.

Six graders not knowing what askjeeves.com is? I blame this on the evolution of popular utilities. I mean, that website was a prehistoric google... :P

but it's another story when I see kindergarteners tackle the iphone interface in a speed that my mother would envy.  When I see them struggling to grasp their pencils correctly, yet swiftly typing their names on the keyboard, it really strikes me how much the world has changed with our technological integrations...

... or is it interventions

like right now.

I'm sitting on the couch with my my headphones halfway on.  They are the kind that wrap around the top of your cranium.. soft padded foam on the ear speakers that block background noise as well as a piece of tissue would. :P

No, I didn't accidentally have them on halfway. My exposed right ear serves a sole purpose to connect me to the world around me... although it isn't working too well.

My mom leans in to ask me something.... about work.... I think?

She gives a defeated sigh as I said "huh?" for the umpteenth time.

They say multilingual people can multitask better then those who only know one language. but honestly, at this moment. I am highly doubting this study. dammit technology. dammit interesting blogs. dammit confusing fafsa questions and flight time tables. I can give a million excuses. good ones too.

From the corner of my eye, I see her sit back.  Picking up her mug of hot tea, she takes a sip, and closes her eyes, embracing the peaceful silence between her, my laptop monitor and my eyes.

Was it peace? or a disappointing surrender?

I feel horrible.  As much as I want to say "Eff this", close my laptop, and focus my undivided attention to  my surroundings.... I myself, have become a helpless lemming to the digital world.

In reference to a recent TIMES article... is it considered cleaning if I organize the files on my computer rather then my actual room?

Is it considered family time when we all sit in the living room with laptops on our respective laps?

Technology is suppose to speed up connections between individuals, but it also provides a scapegoat for living our lives. The one involving flesh and blood, not ones and zeros.

50 years from now I probably won't even remember this hilarious youtube video I'm watching.

With that said, I think I'll turn off the computer. No need for excuses tonight.


  1. 'As much as I want to say "Eff this"'

    Don't be afraid to use the actual word.


  2. Or if you're feeling lazy, here's the link you can click.

    f-word tutorial