February 12, 2011

It's Raining Men! is a culprit

Jukebox: Wamdue Project feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Forgiveness (Electro Funk Mix)

Honey I Washed the Kids (right) is another culprit :P
I had this brilliant idea back in highschool where I would tape my AP notes outside of my clear shower door to study when I showered. I’d often spend several minutes scrutinizing the alignment of my notepapers... ONLY to realize AFTER I showered, that I had forgotten to read them...

and instead had spent the entire time pondering other jovial matters. Lol. Total Fail.

But I realize now that this is a good thing!

As I stood in the shower last night, it occurred to me that the majority of my blog entries are conjured while showering.

You know when people like being in a specific place to think, whether it be a closet, a favorite place on the patio, on the toilet (jkk), the gym? Well... I guess for me, my SHOWER TUB IS MY PENSIVE SANCTUARY.

While my eyes remain too blind to read the intriguing contents on the backs of shampoo bottles and my face gets pampered from the shower steam (since scalding hot water is THE WAY to go)... my mind runs free for those 10-15 minutes.

No, my bathroom is not filled with candles, luxurious bath soaps and frills… but I do think the environment itself is a large contributing factor. I come from a loquacious household ... hence my extremely expandable vocal cords. The only time I really have peace and quiet, a rightful reason to ignore all telephones and duties is when I shower.

As the serene watery surrounding envelopes me into a blurry world, I generally end up reflecting my day, musing over happenings, or contemplating on how to bring about peace on earth ;)....henceforth, conjuring up a topic I'd like to share later through the forum of my blog.

I have to say this method is actually fairly efficient as it involves multitasking and also a (hopefully effective) process of screening. If a blogging idea deems boring, I’d relinquish it to the reality of my daily tasks as I step out of the shower stall. If an idea seems entertaining enough for “entry status”, I’d type it out soon after showering (in reference to the fun foggy scribbles I’d jotted down on the mirrors of the bathroom earlier.)

So this is my excuse for the lack of entries.

I simply haven’t been showering enough.

article disclaimer: I'm just jokin' hehe I promise I'm hygenic ;)


  1. Next time we meet up, I better see an entry dated at least 1 day before.

  2. hahhah yaa dude we def need a reunion w/ ALL the cali ppl soon!! you and andrew need to come down to socal where the rest of us are :P hahah Sometime next few months?! yaaa!! do you and emily both get a president's week off? :D

  3. I'm afraid we don't, guess you can slack off with the showering that week ;)