February 26, 2011

What's black, tiny, and awesome?

Jukebox: Surrender- Digital Daggers

My hair! LOL.. just kidding. That is completely incorrect in so many aspects.

I wanted a change, so I chopped it alllll off.

well just the bangs. :P

This isn't even a picture. It's just a screen shot from a video taken from the coveted new Canon S95!!!

wah wah wah! I finally got it. The last time I wanted something so badly was the PooChi.  And that was like only 2 years ago.

(plus 10)

The HD video quality is sooo clear you can see every stray hair sticking out to the front of my face from my earlier (failed) attempt at curling my hair with a straightener....which led to fringe trimming.

quite a transition of events.

Nevertheless, this entry is about my camera, not about my hair.

So after about 3 full days of playing, 2 battery recharges, and 1 extremely critical mindset, I have come to the conclusion that online reviews don't lie and this is REALLY impressive little machine. I absolutely love manual ring for adjusting iso, f-stop, shutter speed etc. Plus it is so compact. I can carry this everywhere... which was the main reason I opted for this rather then investing in more money for a dslr.

Of course, next time when I restock asian foods at Ranch 99 and a Chinese New Year's Dragon pounces in front of me again, I will be better prepared to take clear pictures ;)

blurrrrr. Oh the surprises encountered during grocery shopping.

A test shot from my new camera... straight from the card. Could use better white balance but the sole window in my room faces a wall. Therefore, lighting is always really funky or hazy... being able to take this without photoshop just by adjusting the camera settings proves this camera as really something.

So this concludes the introduction to my new toy. If pictures seem much clearer in future entries... this bugger may the culprit:

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