January 31, 2011

Heyy cool stud on stage with a leather jacket!

It began with a Lunar New Year Festival...

...when I heard the host on the stage welcoming the next guest, a youtube star that has been on the ellen degeneres show... wait.. what?! JOSEPH VINCENT! Next thing I knew, I found myself at a cozy spot 3 fangirl(boy)s away from the actual stage. (PS that photo above... darn, the funny guy on the right ruined it)

Feelin' the music eh?! All the fans screaming yayyyy --- He asked us which school we came from... I think I was the only one that named a college rather then high school -__-

But did I give ?

Nooo I did not care! Happy happy happy.... I was a total teenybopper!  
(eww I need to get my roots colored... or maybe I'll grow it out to ombre status)

Jammin' like no other!  At this time, I frantically try to find my phone to dial my best friend and make her jealous as heck :P  Unfortunately... phone battery fail.

He played an awesome rendition of  BSB's 'I Want it that a way'!

Clara performed there as well :)

I <3 my mother for patiently waiting until I finished watching his performance!
decided not to retouch this image <3

And I'll leave yall with my amazingly (shaky) clip of this awwweeesome singer!

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