January 18, 2011

Review: Hair Velcro Dariya vs. Kamipita

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Side note: After listening to this song 10+ times while reading the youtube comments, I have thoroughly given up on deciphering which language it is. perhaps others can figure it out? warning though, the song is extremely cheeeesy at parts. lol

A beauty fad that has been popular this past year is the "magic" fringe holder that keeps your hair in place, after simply slapping it on your head.  Technically speaking, it's a piece of velcro (the spiky side) which grips your hair in place in lieu of a regular hair clip.  Surprisingly, the hold is pretty dang strong, and is a reliable alternative to headbands when washing your face, studying etc.   The best thing about it is that it is extremely lightweight, I can barely feel it.  Good-because it won't crimp your hair. Bad- because your likely to forget. Therefore, if your living in a dorm, and that someone you've been crushin on comes knockin at ur door, you don't want to look dumb, with a piece of fluorescent felt on your head.  That's  also why I opted for the black color when I purchased one during my last trip to Taiwan. (just joking! )

There are myriad reviews of these products all over the web, so I won't scrutinize the details.  However, I did notice that there haven't been comparisons between the two more "popular brands".  Ergo... here is my humble opinion of these two fringe-holders.

1. Dariya
  • Perk: Lightweight and versatile.
  • Perk: You can roll it up with the spikeys facing outwards and then use it as a pseudo "hair roller" for your bangs"
  • Perk: Bigger "surface area" for holding.
  • Perk: Very good 'hold'
  • Blah: mm... can't think of any 

2. Kamipita
  • Perk:  Looks "cute" with the bow on the back.
  • Blah: Heavier (due to the decorated backing) 
  • Blah: Not as bendable... and overall doesn't hold as welll.
Clearly... Dariya wins by a handful.

So in conclusion, if you want to get a good useful piece of hairvelcro, I'd highly recommend getting DariyaKamipita is a pretty big waste of money... despite the cute exterior, it doesn't complete its deed as efficiently. 

... or you could just go to the crafts store to buy a velcro kit to cut yourself.

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  1. Kamipita has a double purposes. It can be a use to keep it hold your hair or as a hair accessories like a clip.