January 24, 2011

Notes to self: coffee aroma

I was in starbucks for less than 8 minutes to get a Tazo Green tea and a blueberry muffin. Since then, I've been home for more than an hour, yet the subtle aroma of coffee still lingers on my coat.

Either the fabric of my outfit is extremely absorbent, or the smell of starbucks is especially pungent.


  1. Maybe some customer spilled a few drops of coffee on your coat without you knowing. It's like smelling poo every where you go, and later finding out that it's on the bottom of your shoe.

  2. LOLLL evans.. poo vs coffee?! HAHAHA

  3. that reminds me...did you there are coffee beans taken from feces? It supposedly tastes really good.


    So the next time you're out on a hot coffee date, you can impress him with this piece of information ;)

  4. HAHAHHA I'll be sure to share that information after I order that coffee HAHAH

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