January 03, 2011

*sniff* ipod battery *sniff*

And I thought I could escape the wraths of sickness throughout this winter. negative.
What an interesting way to welcome my new year. a plethora of headaches, sniffs and congestion. mmmm..


My beloved ipod touch of 3.5 years (yes, Generation 1) is entering in its last stages of life. =(

Diagnosis: dying internal battery

The Bad News:
This is unacceptable. As I use my ipod touch as an organizer (synced to google calendar), study aid (flash card manager), music outlet (self explanatory), gps & texting machine (when wifi allows), and mirror. (jk.) 

The Good News:
It's fixable- as long as money, tools, and/or skills allow.

Unfortunately, my cpr certification won't save the life of this little piece of metal.  Therefore, I'm currently debating on three alternative methods of reviving my "iPouch"

1. Reviving it lawfully with a peace of mind
aka sending it into the famous apple store for a whopping $79  before shipping and shebang. All this for a $8 battery I can buy on ebay.

2. Reviving it unlawfully with a peace of mind
Sending it to an online store for a whopping $40 < X <$79 (probably). Ditto about the $8 battery.

3. Reviving it unlawfully without peace of mind ...by replacing it myself
Naturally, option three was my initial preference of fixation... as I speculate it would be a fun project/learning experience as well. However, after perusing through both video and textual dissembling guides of the ipod touch I found the procedures not as simple as I had hoped for.  First, I needed to buy a putty knife to help crack open the covering and pry up the old battery without damaging cables- tricky but doable. I'd have to rummage through my dad's toolbox for an itty bitty screwdriver.... completely fine. But the hardest part would be the (un)soldering. Just like Apple to make its dissembling as complicated as possible. They have the battery wires soldered on to the system board.  Must be done skillfully or else I'll probably be left with a $400 paperweight. I have successfully jailbroken my ipod touch before.. but this requires actual hardware tampering, which is what worries me.

Anyway, I'm still debating amongst these, and if I can figure out how to obtain/use a soldering iron, I'll probably choose 3. I mean, its not  everyday I get a legitimate reason to crack open my ipod.

Stay tuned!

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