January 23, 2011

Skincare Rambles...

I woke up this morning to find this sad sight:

This is result of my helpless acquiescence to my circadium rhythmn.

In my haste to knock out in my comfy bed, I had unknowingly knocked over my Za moisturizer on my bedstand and lost a good whopping amount. :(

Za is a brand linked to Shiseido, but most of the Za line products are based in Asia... I bought this (Dewy Effect Emulsion) during my last visit to Taiwan. Therefore, replacement will be a pit.

Admist my search to find another moisturizer online, I got sucked into another skincare product frenzy. Working with young students these past few months has caused me to be unrealistically critical of my own skin. Seriously, young children DO have porcelin, poreless skin! Scars aside, I wanted to make sure the overall quality of my skin is preserved... perhaps then my jealousy can be lessened. :P After much research and review reading, the following products seem most coveted in terms of evening hyperpigmentation and wrinkle prevention. (links to MUA review site)

Specifically, I was looking for a products that contain a bit amount of Retinol for plumping up the skin in long term usages, AHA for skin rejuvenation, Vitamin C for scar lightening and soothing properties like Green Tea and Aloe.

I was just about to click purchase with one of the above products when I suddenly decided I'd first FINISH using some products I currently own. So here it is, my official declaration that I, Gina will begin a consistent nightly bio oil regimen to see if it helps with improving skin quality and tone. If I don't see improvement after the bottle is finished... then I'll purchase one of the listed items.

Plans: Use 1 drop each night mixed with moisturizer and 1 extra drop on hyperpigmented areas.

"Hopefully" positive results will be shared in a few months time!

Interesting article about aging: Article: Don't be a slave to your genes

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  1. YES! You should use bio oil cuz if you follow the directions, you should see results in 2 months! I've been using it for 3 weeks now & my acne scars are already much lighter :D YAYY