January 01, 2011


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Let's first begin with several ridiculous crappy-web cam photos my frazzled early morning state. Yes. that's a  poke-a-dotted pink pj robe =P

ahem * puts on nerdy lecture glasses *

So before I was planning on writing a long entry about my edifying year yadda yadda yadda.. when something suddenly dawned on me after I reread some of my old blog entries from years ago. Specifically this one:

aside from the blatant misspellings, grammatical errors, and choppy illogical sentences. When I first reread this old diary entry of mine today.. I immediately thought ... " uhh what?!? what exactly was so 'cool' about that day?"

because the answer now would be... nothing really.
in fact, i'm pretty sure i yawned while reading it... until the last sentence woke me up.

I'm ashamed to say that my expectations for a "pretty cool" day has risen immeasurably with these passing 4 years.

Of course, with age comes wisdom. so naturally with better understanding of worries and responsibilities, also come increasingly higher thresholds of amusements needed in order to make a day memorable.

Nonetheless, I've decided that...

my new year's resolution is to live each day with the carefree simple attitude I had during my freshman year of undergrad... by appreciating every routine day as awesome as it is by itself :)

Here are the rest of my resolutions in decreasing importance:
2. listening more! LISTEN and try not to interrupt.
3. show more respect and thanks to my family.
4. relax and not be too uptight about trivial matters.
5. cherish my health by eating nutritiously, drinking a lot of fluid, sleeping well, and exercising routinely.

with that said... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
and yes! today will be a pretty cool day! =)

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