November 02, 2010

In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind.

-Louis Pasteur

thanks chance.

I can finally get a fuller night's rest... but then it all starts again tomorrow.

Jukebox: Nelly- Just a Dream

So I've been evading this type of entry for a loooonggg time... because this writing style was what eventually manifested in my previous/old blog for several years... I didn't like the lack of structure... yet writing this way gives me a pleasantly jocular way of expressing my uncohesive thoughts thoroughly without transitions.  but i figured at this late hour and worn out state where concepts takes precedence over grammar. I can give formality a kick in ze tush... therefore please be prepared for some classic geener ramble.

please buckle your seatbelts. levity and turbulence will be guaranteed

ONE. please tell me, how in this world would a 20 some year old be SO excited about watching a young youtube celeb on Amazing Race? I feel quite lame. BUT. WHATEVAAA KEVJUMBA IN THE AMAZING RACE FTW!

I think it must be an exhilarating experience for his dad to travel around the world with his son and "compete with young'ins" at 58.  I'm rooting for both both father+child teams. I hope they get to the top.

don't they look so determined?

so cute.

did I just take time go re-find the clip, find the scene, screenshot, crop and upload it on my public blog?
yes you did gina


THREE. this cutest kid dressed in a ketchup bottle came to trick-or-treat last night. My Goodness! A ketchup bottle. I asked him. "Did they have a mustard one too?"

and he stared at me widely with his watery-doe-y seven year old eyes


"nvm, here's more candy HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!" ::slam::

jk about the slam.

sometimes I forget that my humor is obsolete

but I have reason behind my question. I am an avid yellow mustard eater. I can use it as a dip for anything. seriously.

FOUR.  So being an avid blog reader and I use Google reader religiously on a daily basis.  For a while, I was at an equilibrium where I'd go on each time periodically to find about 3-4 new entries.

then it became 10-20

then it became 20-30

happy snappy

Then I added a few tech blogs because mine were more beauty oriented.  And BOY YOU TECHY's HAVE A LOT OF TIME! Because whenever I go on now... I have like 234 more to read. wth!
Lately i think i've gotten to the point where I've been inundated by un-read entries. and it becomes a slightly laborious task scan through all of them.  The feeling is tantamount to unread emails... except maybe a little bit less. I think i've given up on catching up as I have 437 unread right now.

Tech News Daily.... you are more like Tech News 35 Daily.

FIVE. I am pretty pissed because I spent a good $1.75 on cotton balls at Rite Aid Last friday.. and I opened the brand new package to find the cotton balls smelling musty and slightly SOUR. like... wth. And I can't exactly return it.. I'll probably sound like an idiot.

"hi sir, I'd like to return this bag of cotton balls"
"um.. suree? but you opened it, what's the problem"
"they smell sour"
"what?... no."
... if this happens, i will then proceed to thrust the open bag close enough to the person so they can get a nice whift.

then I'll probably get my money back. plus some.

OK. somewhere that sells good cotton balls is CVS. Get their jumbo pack, I rip them into twos and flatten it out each time I use them to apply Toner.

I just realized I use cotton balls for two and only two things.

1. Toner application
2. Nailpolish remover

ok what? that totally did not make sense lol. ok, I need to sleep.. my delirium is affecting my writing abilities (as if I had any in the first place *ahem*)

so hope ya'll enjoyed the late night rambling of a sleepy yet indolent soul.


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  1. Hahaha DUDE GINA,

    One: i LOVE TEAM JUMBA!!!! They are both so funny!!

    Four: Googlereader is AMAZING thank you for introducing me to it!! i only have 5 ish entries each day, i'm sure i'm going to be adding more to it!

    Five: LOL Cotton balls! For toner, i want to invest in some cotton pads. Fuz always raves about shiseido cotton pads... i cant bring myself to pay like $20 for cotton pads.... hahah BUT it probably makes a huge difference. Do you ever get residue on your face after wiping toner off with cotton?

    Can't WAIT for your skincare collection! :D :D

    I have so much makeup :( but its almost all everyday minerals. and ELF. and random higher end stuff. haha

    OH was there a "two" did you skip? hahah :D love your blog!