November 26, 2010

The story of my lol.

Chapter 1:  Buy one fail, get one fail free! 

Dad: Gina... Gina.. Gina ...
Me: .... huh?!
Dad: A.D.D!!! you have Attention....
        Attention DISFOCUS...

... clearly knowledge of basic behavioral problems are not required for chemical engineering PhD's...

five minutes later... I tell Jen what happened...

Jen: What? I don't get it...
         it's supposed to be Attention Deficient Disorder
Jen: OH... u mean "Deficit"
Me:  oh yaaa.. oops

*cries over my bs in psychobiology*

Chapter 2: Oven roasted turkey $20, cranberry sauce $8, a heartwarming thanksgiving greeting.....   priceless $.10

I am currently crossing my fingers that I will recieve the perfect amount of thanksgiving texts that they don't surpass my 200 text per month mark.

I'm on 199/200 and it recycles in approximately three hours and forty six minutes.

Chapter 3:  the vegetable that sounds like a karatechop... shall be karate-chopped out of my LYYYYFE.  (hrmm.. this one needs a witty-er title...)

College has taught me to stand up for my own beliefs.  This is applicable in many situations... including advocating for the satisfaction of my tastebuds. 

So today I have decided  that I will not eat anymore daikon unless it is a life or death situation.

(or unless I miraculously like it again .... *cough* VERY unlikely *cough*)


I'm usually not a picky food eater and I'm actually very willing to try anything new. HOWEVER one "thing" that I can NEVER stand is daikon.

This nasty bugger:

I dislike the texture, the bland taste, the consistancy, the smell, the shape, the EVERYTHING!

Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of my mom's favorite vegetables.

But after unwillingly pushing past my natural gag reflex and forcing myself to eat this for over fifteen years, I pretty much have had enough.

So today after trying to swallow the vegetable for the nth-teen time... I came to a sudden realization.

We only have one why waste it by eatting foods we don't like unless it is absolutely necessary!?

So that's what I've decided....


with that said... I proceeded to drop the rest of my daikon pieces into my sisters bowl when she was not looking.

problem solved :)

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