November 04, 2010

A Music "Brake" (no pun intended)

Jukebox: Why - Philip Larue

Another Great Song is "Here We Go" by Joshua Radin... I couldn't find the album version on youtube even though I actually have his CD. But check out the live version here though:

I absolutely love guitar acoustics. I think I took after my mom in terms of music taste.

so, speaking of mothers...

When your mother gives you a suggestion and asks you whether or not something is a good idea.

you should usually acquiesce to her wishes

because more often than not,

the question is an implied demand.

mom: here's sweet tea! do you want to add creamers into it?
me: yay thank you! ummm... I don't really like that combo, I guess it's fine.
mom: are you sure?! It makes the tea taste like boba milk tea
me: yah.. I know... but I like just the regular tea flavor better.
mom: are you sure? because drinking too much tea can decrease ur iron level (all the whiles ripping the paper covers off the first creamer)
me: ma, I really don't like the creamers
mom: why don't u listen to my suggestions. its healthy!! there's calcium
me: mom.. but it's just creamer not milk
mom: doesn't matter, it will make it taste a lot better.. and it's better then just the tea
me: :: beginning to sense her anger::
mom: OK, so do you want the creamers or not.
me: wait.. ok, put in the creamers
mom: *happy happy* opens the creamers and dumps in sweet tea*


In other news:

here is my ghetto-fied method of reminding myself that I have the physical brakes on.

Clever no?

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