November 25, 2010

I Clearly have a problem of being succinct when writing.

It's one thing to wake up at 5 am, and it's another thing to wake up at five am and eat potato chips.... on your bed

These events began my Thanksgiving 2010.

You know there's that saying in regards to flashbulb memory where you remember specific events that are significant in your lives?   I surmise that  for me, each Thanksgiving holiday seems to correspond to a flashbulb event as well. Sophomore year, I remember sitting in front of the turkey with a bowl of mashed potatoes to my right and my physics book to my left... I couldn't take it anymore and went back to school afterwards because my professor had strategically placed a midterm the Monday after our long holiday....  "more time to study!" .... Pfftt!! more like "more time to procrastinate!"

I know there are always jokes about people saying "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to others in Australia, Canada etc.. it's like "PSYCHE... THEY HAVE NO THANKSGIVING! Did they have the history of the pilgram and the indians... err...I mean... native... americans? nooooo"  Honestly, all history aside... does it really matter?  I say any country can and should have a Thanksgiving holiday.

 It dawned on me THIS Thanksgiving how this holiday is actually really meaningful.

Seriously, how many nations have a national holiday designated just towards Giving Thanks.  It's definitely something that needs to happen more in our society. Appreciation for the things we have.  Heck, I need to work on it myself.

I am soo thankful for my loving family and their everlasting support of any decisions I make (even though.. they still try to influence me, but whatever ), I am thankful for me being who I am... out of the billions of sperm and egg combo... I turned out the way I am with my lame sense of humor and naturallly frizzy hair (no, but seirously frizzy hair= volume! there.. turned a negative into a positive :D ) , I'm grateful for health, safety, diagonal parking spaces, and last but not least, my friends and best friends... always there when I need them.

am I missing anything?

One more thing... and I'm also grateful that I'm an asian (:P) living in the US.  Out of all the possibilities of me being born an ethnicity in the same country.... I was one of the lucky percentages born outside. This gives me  the best of two worlds.. an ecclectic cultural background.  Now I'm not saying that I don't like Asia because that is COMPLETELY not what I'm going for. What I mean is basically I'm happy for being one ethnicity but being born in another country.... does that make sense? I feel like I'm digging myself a hole.

To wrap up my Thanksgiving day post, I'd say after this realization Thanksgiving is now officially my new favorite holiday..... after my birthday. A holiday which encompasses Tryptophan-Loaded food (mmm sleeeeep), amazing shopping deals, and a meaningful life-message is really (excuse my lack of better words)....neat!

I think it's about time to close this bag of potato chip as it has done it's deed of being a muse to my blog ramblings.  I didn't think it was the best thing I could do to my body at 5 AM either.

*thanks body for being able to  metabolize the multitude of junkfoods I eat*

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