October 31, 2010

Stop! This must stop!

starting from morning until now, here is a comprehensive list of what I have eaten today.

- mug of hot chocolate
- sechwan noodle tv dinner
-baked vegetable bun
- roasted sea weed packets- 2
- fun sized  butterfinger-1
- fun sized milky way-3
- fun sized 3 muskateers-1
- slice of tiramisu cake
-shrimp and rice and broccoli
- a small bowl of mango icee
- eggroll
- banana
- tangerine
- alot of water

hmm. Now that I'm looking at my list....actually it doesn't seem THAT bad then. I think the immense amount of wrappers just scared me for a bit. But still.. I need to stop with all the chocolate. no wonder I keep breaking out. I BLAME THE HALLOWEEN SEASON.

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