November 23, 2010

Tag: My Perfect Imperfections

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There's a video tag going around in the youtube beauty community called "My Perfect Imperfections" and it's basically about listing three things you like and three things you dislike about yourself.  I thought it was quite interesting.. seeing all these gorgeous beauty gurus, all who seemed extremely "perfect" talk about their imperfections one by one. We all have our quirks and loves.... so honestly, sometimes by just sharing them, we realize how everyone is both insecure and confident in one way or another.  In the end, it all comes down to accepting your flaws both inside and out.  By mentally understanding that flaws are a part of  who you are and what makes yourself unique... you learn to love yourself more.

And with that said, since I haven't had a lot of time to fill up this blog, I figure why not do a text version of the tag?   I added an extra category down about the parts where we are iffy about also like.. or have grown to like. 

My Imperfections
1. My Skin. I AM SO ACNE PRONE ITS SCARY. I can't really attribute it to genetics because everyone in my family has clear skin... but I break out so easily from stress, food, hormones, everything..... that it really is a constant irk. And honestly, I'm not the type of person to be quiet about my tribulations with breaking out either... My poor friends, they all hear my yodeling about it.  anyway, it's super annoying still with hyper pigmentation and the shebang. For one... as a person who doesn't put too much though about what I eat,  working-out, or hair maintenance, I AM extremely (excuse the word) anal about what I put on my skin (despite the mediocre outcome).... And I honestly feel that if I hadn't been so tentative with my skin... I would have been left with even worse scars.  Good thing this year my face has calmed down... but ya. I often ffeel like it is a hopeless cause...
2. My eyesight is so bad ... I wish I could wake up one day without glasses and be able to see.. either that or at least be able to read a book without glasses without needed to place it 2 inches away from my eyes.
3. Sometimes I feel like my nose is so close to my mouth that I look like Bert from sesame street. hahhaha!!

Those imperfections that you learn to love.... but still sometimes dislike :P
1. I use to think my lips were extremely fat... but I think I got use to it or something. They don't bother me anymore. LOL
2. I like how I don't really need to pluck my eyebrows because they are already naturally straight... but they are sort of short.
3. I like the shape of my nose... however, I always thought it was on the bigger side.... thanks dad -___-

What I Do Like About Myself.
1. My general structure
2. My face shape
3. I like my eyes, the shape and that my eyes are pretty big for a mono-lidder.

Wow.. how demoralizing... my entry came out unexpectedly as in inverted pyramid -___-  haha goes to show I still have a lot to work on in terms of accepting myself for who I am. But I guess this is a step towards doing so.

Alrighty... this wasn't actually the beauty entry I was planning on writing.. but it was shorter and hopefully will suffice for a bit. I shall begin tackling my apps again. Le sigh..