November 08, 2010

cheesy vid says it all.

Under Pressure- Queen and David Bowie

Let the title and the screenshot at 0:10 speak for itself. Work never ceases!!! But then... without it.. I think life would also be awfully monotonous. Nevertheless, 1.5 months left before I can genuinely go have some fun. Back to the music...quite an amusing-ly cheesy video. no?

Ok due to the "high presshaa" going on, I think it is imperative I bring some comic relief.
Presenting to you... the wraths of what my major has brought upon me...

The following conversation is in reference to the numerous amount of bio flashcards I was aiming to go through before bedtime.

me: think ill be able to do it?
by tonight?
Alb i dunno
me: (it's not too hard honestly)
Alb: you're the psycho biologist
me:... do u mean
Psycho Biologist ?
Alb: the space makes all the difference
it's up to you to interpret
Alb: :)

PS: I ended up not finishing them -___- what a bummmerrr. I guess I am the latter then.

PPS: The beat of Under Pressure is very similar to Vanilla Ice's ICEE ICEE BABY... as brilliantly discovered by my friend... and a few thousand other ppl on youtube. * grin *

PPPS: I HAVE PANNED another 3 things!! woopee! I really want to do a beauty entry soon! I think it's interesting how this blog started out intending to be mainly a beauty blog.. then it evolved to food .. now its just my ole' ramblings. So basically.. from entries that take most time... to the shortest. how sad. I must... formalize... againnn...

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