October 25, 2010

Burgers... and some other stuff

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Anyway, so my friend wanted to try out  The Counter  last week after seeing an article about it in the newspaper.  We decided to stop by for lunch to see what the hype was all about.  The concept is basically  to Build Your Own Burger... choices were extensive and.. mmmmm it was sooo good. I think i'm a savvy and health-conscious burger-builder because my creation tasted delectable :D

What I ordered:
  • 1. Sprouts <--- LOVEEE
  • 2. ??? cheese (the name sounded exotic :P)
  • 3. fresh organic veggies
  • 4. small beef patty
  • 5. tomato slices
  • 6. wheat bun
  • 7. sundried tomato sauce (medium)
  • mmmmmmmmm... I WANT IT AGAIN RIGHT NOW

Doesn't it look amazing?  There was sooo many choices for cheese and I really didn't know what to choose. In the end.. as per my friend's advice, I literally closed my eyes and choose the first one I pointed my finger to. haha  This was one of the first burgers I've ever eaten where I felt surprisingly un-oily after. Mind you I downed the whole thing within 20 minutes. 

Anyway, I wrote a more comprehensive review on yelp since I had been neglecting it lately. sadness

Enough "narcissistic" pictures of my own burger. Meet burger numero dos... my friend made me promise not to upload this picture online... but I made sure to just crop the burger... so technically, I'm safe.... right?!  hahaha  Anyway, had so much fun and my tummy was fulll.. I'll definitely be dropping by to The Counter again :D

Last but not least,
(she doesn't know this blog exists though :P )

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