October 13, 2010

Six things after a tiring day

1. I have huuugee headache :[ so I feel really crappy right now because I looked forward all day to playing L4D2 with my friend tonight... but now I'm wayyy too exhausted.

2. I love this song right now! Far East Movement Ft. Keri Hilson- Don't Look Now

3. My Body Shop Haul came! I'll do a review of the stuff I got later.

3. Today was hella fog during my drive home. In my eighteen years of living here, this was by far the worst fog I had to drive through.

5. The following is a cloying amount of sweets I discovered in my room.... usually within arms reach. Something tells me I should resume my "junk-food" free diet again....

6. Alrighty, off to shower.. perhaps that will help alleviate my current fatigue-induced delirium.

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