October 08, 2010

Shoe bondanza

Jukebox:  Floating on the Moon- Michelle Shaprow

I will never be able to escape from the money-sucking wrath of westwood. My two recent guilty-purchases were all done there.  Last week, I went and bought an unnecessarily amount of underwear from VS.  And this time, I got some shoes.  Drove to Westwood again two days ago.. and I knew I was on a tight schedule so I forced myself to finish my necessary tasks first.... then I was debating on calling up some friends.... or.... shopping. Looked at my watch, had 30 minutes to spare before my free parking jumped the meter... "ahhh" hard decision, but I decided to I'd take that time to go shoe shoppin'!I don't think I've ever left  Top Shoes empty handed. They are like a little gem in Westwood with the best shoe deals for money-stricken college students... or I guess, newly grads, in my case.  Anyway, these are are my official new pumps for winter 2010-2011! I was debating between a dressy strappy pair or this, but in the end the leather and the zipper design stole my heart (and feet). As my friend humorously describes "It's like ooo a zipper, and then psychs you out when you realize it's the whole darn thing."  hahhahaa. my friends never cease to amaze me!    Too bad it is slightly too big for my feet. boo. Anyone know how to shrink shoes? lol. Nevertheless I hope I wear these well throughout the next few months.  However a sad news is.. that watch I was wearing 3 posts down? I lost it! Somewhere at UCLA :(((

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