October 28, 2010

Favorite People

I found this clip pretty thought-provoking... and it got me thinking. "Am I anyone's favorite person".  The first person(s) that came to mind was... my parents, but then on further contemplation... I negated that thought.  I reckon their favorite person would not be me... but rather their OWN parents... the one that provided food, shelter, love, and most importantly ... their existence. I really think that filial connection can be the strongest bond in "existence" because it's bound both physically (relation by blood) and emotionally (through nurturing).  Am I correct in thinking this way?  I've come to that conclusion because I'd say my favorite person is my mom and dad... because they have really impacted the way I think and act all these years.  (yes.. "person" I've melded them into "one" person for simplicity sake) LOL.  So anyway, years from now I hope I can be as positively influential to my future kids as my parents were on me... and perhaps then I'll also be their favorite person then. hahaha. Now I am just rambling.

woah... this was TOTALLY NOT meant to be a heavy entry. HAHA

On a lighter note, I'm looking forward to doing the following next tuesday.

1. look for a new purse!
2. look for a nice hairstyle. I want to whack off these long locks soon.
3. find a LBD.... oh wait.. I already have one.. haha "shruggg" don' mattaa
4. find a job to compensate for all my spending.... because I'm no prodigal!!

one more thing.. i'm really really really really really really REALLLLYY CRAVING GUACAMOLE RIGHT NOW. mmmm

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