May 21, 2011

Un-Rapture & GOOD reviews.... not

Just received a text from my dear sister stating:

"I'm Alive :D"

Gave me the jeebees because she's currently out in Irvine

I wasn't sure what had happened so I googled "earthquake irvine" and went to to check any recent happenings in that city which would have prompted her text.

Turns out it was rapture 2011, Universal Doomsday "supposedly" at 6PM

*looks at clock*

ooops... I guess I had missed out muchos.  Hadn't known of this news at all until after the designated date.


In other news,   I've always been an avid review reader whether it be of cosmetics, accessories or electronics.

Since I've been on the hunt lately for a functional snazzy new cellphone, CNET has been my constant go-to sidekick.  I'll usually gauge my final opinion of the product based on a combination of the editor's and general userreviews, but when I come across reviews like the following.... it makes me cringe big time.

I've taken the liberty to underline all the original adjectives.... as well as insert my sour commentaries.

Perhaps I'm just being extremely critical today but if you read the summary sentence by sentence, it is really quite ridiculous. I'm surprised there's no (negative) rating on the helpfulness.

(or maybe I'm just bitter that the user has owned 12 phones before.  ... ....nah)

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