May 03, 2011

A pointless post about fries

Human nature has it so our visuals highly influence our judgement.

BS you say. First impressions aren't everything. Can't our ideals be changed slowly after more interactions (with a person.. persay)??  Maybe, but this usually isn't the case in our relationships.......with food.

If something looks delicious, it most likely will be delectable.

If something looks disgusting.... chances are, it will taste disgusting as well.

For me, I hate soggy fries. It looks unappealing.. and perhaps that's why I think it tastes extremely gross.
Looks soggy.. tastes gross. Nay.

This is a problem.... because sweet potato fries holds a prominent position in my "fave food" lists, yet it also a stubborn bugger to maintain crisp.

Luckily, I had a baking epiphany the other day resulting from an accident.

I forgot to set oven timer, and ended up making my best batch of sweet potato fries yet.

The way to make your potato fries nice and crispy is to simply over-bake it a tad bit. Preheat 450 keep fries at least 0.5 cm apart on pan, and bake for around 18 min. (mainly until smaller pieces are a bit browned at the edges).

Sweet mother look at the grease. yay.
That's it! No need to blanch, soak or do anything else random  that baking sites suggest.


  1. nice plate full of huo qi da

  2. LOLLLL we should give it to andrew. jkjkk