May 30, 2011

Animals. (period)

zoo vs work. zoo vs work. Zoo Vs Work. ZOO VS. WORK.

I want to say that zoo comes before work but naturally, I decided on the less important one.

Why do I always find myself stuck in these conflicting events?

I can hear the car engine rumble... THEY ARE LEAVING TO GO TO THE ZOO... without me!

A reassurance is that I'm not missing out on any giraffes or zebras.

Although seeing the Golden Headed Lion Tamarian will be nice, even though I don't know what it is.

Is it a tamarian with a "lion like" golden head  or is it a "lion tamarian" with a golden head? What's a tamarian anyway? This is important.

A search of the word "tamarian" on google leads me to the following page.

"Tamarian Carpets :: Hand Woven Tibetan Rugs from Nepal"

Er.... no.

A click of the google image's button yields several more bizarre and equally ambiguous results.

Ok. I am thoroughly confused.

Fine, I'll type out the whole word.

My final search results in total disappointment.   Lion IS an adjective after all.

Why do these 'animal name-ers' confuse us by using animal names as adjectives within the animal name? Why are animal names so cryptic? How many times did the word "animal" appear in the last two sentences?

Along the topic of confusing names, (to disney creators)  was I really that ignorant to assume that Dumbo is about a baby elephant that was constantly teased about his naiveness?  On second thought, that probably was preposterous considering Dumbo is a so called "classic".

Oh well. but I digress.

Ok last glance at the list.

Why do they have domestic chicken, goose and turkey at the zoo?  They surely don't belong as one is for viewing and one is for ea----. Perhaps I'm being prejudice in defining their distinction from the rest of animal race.  PETA, please don't hunt me down for my deprecation.

A glance at the clock tells me its time to get ready for my necessary errands. so rant OVER.

sigh. I wish I had gone to the zoo.

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