May 05, 2011

Early Morning Salsa Magic.

Nothing beats being up at 5:30 AM, dicing away...while watching the sunrise through my teary eyes. (onion fume induced). Salsa por mi trabajo's potluck.

Cinco De Mayo  and Spanglish...

for the win.

[later edit]

Presenting the cheerful reminants of my salsa carnage.

...hopefully all digesting now in the happy tummies of little kiddies.

on the topic of children, today in class we had them make cute maracaasss. shake shake shake.

Made with 20% kid innovation, 75% adult aid, and 5% chance. A poor child started crying because all the Thomas stickers were taken.

It's an amazing feeling watching little strudents bob to the hat dance, cheering along with them... all the while worrying in the back of my mind whether these shakers were taped firmly enough.

Luckily, the vacuum continued its indefinite slumber as no rice escaped from their tubular chambers.  After... they made little Mexican flags, played "Simone dice" (toca la cabeza por favor!) and made/tasted mini tacos.  At the end of class, all the five year olds unanimously exclaimed "I LOVE MEXICO!". 

This indeed my favorite Cinco de Mayo yet.

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