May 16, 2011

Photography: Boston..Sixty five degrees warm.

Jukebox: Uncharted- Sara Bareilles

I woke up unexpectedly last night at 3AM. This is fairly unusual. Usually I'm quite the un-insomniac. With my senses alerted I decided to turn on my computer, and found myself scanning though the pictures I took in Boston. Before I realized it, I was on photoshop fiddling and tweaking them around. Better late then never. Enjoy!

St. Charles... your river is gorgeous ;) beautiful that buildings that surround you blush out of sheer whimsy.

.....and joggers run along side you to enjoy the naturalistic aura.
The porta potties totally ruined this picture.... and why is one sideways?

Sidewalk sales... infinite literary treasures to widen your mind.

Pictures like these make me wish I had a wider layout.

"I said.. Young man... pick yourself off the ground!"
 ( you can fly, hop, or superman soar over the merciless traffic jams)

First day: my view from inside the shuttle.

Alas...I'll get chummy with this building soon!

This was when I realized two decades of American education hasn't taught me that cherry blossoms exist outside of Asia. (I'm quite embarrassed) Perhaps this is due to my own (vegetation-related) ignorance.

Let's give these gorgeous blossoms one more go

and the streets...

ta ta! My attempt at blending in.

And here are some portraits pre-photoshopping.

Oh gosh, I apologize for the slight sarcasms littered above.  11:49PM doesn't do "my writing well" with my current granny sleep schedule. =P

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  1. Beautiful! I'm so excited about this new adventure for. And as always, lovely photography :)