August 29, 2011

see you later and hello (in this order)

Gosh! I don't think I've been to so many places at once within a month's span.  Taiwan then norcal then socal then norcal again and tomorrow.... Boston! Things have been hectic lately and it's about to get even more crazy. I'm solaced by the fact that that I'd snapped pictures along my journey thus far. When thing's get settled, it will be nice to look upon events that happened this past year. Specifically after Taiwan, I've come to realize how my s95 is definitely not up to par with DSLR's. With that said, it's human nature to always eye on better things out there. So I'm not too jealous! As long as I have my trusty Photoshop, I can modify any picture to my liking.  Below are a set of modified pictures taken this June at the Montage in Laguna Beach.

Let these pictures of the Pacific Coastline be a celebration of the start of a new beginning...

Tree of knowledge... LOL not

I wonder what the initials in the hearts say

Friend's Cam Cam >> Mine. we had a shooting comparison

I have no idea what these are... aloe? they look exotic nevertheless

Man looking at the waves. He stood there for 20 minutes... as I stared at his shadow from the cliffs above. CREEPYYY.. (i'm 1/2 JK)


Until next time California sunset! I'll see you in four months :)

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