August 26, 2011

I think I found a solution to satisfy your psychotic sweet cravings...

In an attempt to placate "grossness" of my previous entry.  I've decided to  post a more stomach friendly entry.... featuring none other then the all american friendly... DOUGHNUT!

My trip to Psycho Donuts was a professional whim.  A whim because it was a tack-on to my late night boba run. Professional, because I  yelped the store to make sure it would be a worthwhile visit.

A crazy arse donut shop. period.  (PS. spot the boba?)

Ze Kooky Monster.

Psycho Panda

Strawberry Fields... my favorite! This literally has the most innocent name

"I was still trying to take in the environment when I was greeted enthusiastically by a nurse with yellow (yes, YELLOW) hair. As she smiles, her dimples glisten. (oh wait.. they are actually symmetrical piercings on her cheek). She strikes up a friendly conversation as she hands us some bubble wrap and patiently waits for us to decide what to get."

Our friendly nurse/cashier  has literally orange/yellow hair ...

diagnosis... of each donut.  Do you spot the Michael Jackson?
It's actually chocolate doughnut on the inside. Let's see if you can figure out why. ;)

Indeed my expectations were met if not exceeded. usual, if you are still curious read my complete yelp review here!

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  1. hahaha that michael jackson doughnut seems soo wrong