August 18, 2011

so if you come knockin at my door and i great u with a ninja face...

Does something look different?

Closer look

ahha.. admist my packing I found this pack of "Collagen Crystal Eye Bag Mask" that I obtained as a gwp when I bought my first pair of circle lenses during the days of my college yore.

upon quick inspection, I noticed this (no brand) eye mask riddled with spelling errors "press mask with frigertips"  and nonsensical statements "Modes eye sritounding skin soft".

hrmm..sounds fishy and I probably shouldn't try it out on my skin.

but naturally, despite my better instinct, I gave in to my curiosities of this whimsical package of magic.

success! my skin does not seem to be reacting to it ... yet. hopefully my undereye is enjoying this little jelly pampering too.

lucky lucky. I need to stop taking chances with my skin.  I blame Taiwan this time... it has brainwashed me into another facemasking phase.



    i finally bought my first couple of face masks! SO MUCH FUNNNNN. i need to buy more. LOL

    I got them in Korea at the dutyfree airport, and there are 6 types i got. Hyalouronic Acid, Collagen, Vit C, Vit E, Ceramide, Co Q Enzyme.

    I split these with 2 other girls and we each have 20 masks for $13-14. Is that cheap?

    Need recommendations! LOL <3 MISS YOUUUUU I wish i got to see you before you left. Hope everything is going well over there! :D

  2. you're right. i love the beauty/fashion section.