September 15, 2011

20 Reasons why I'm really happy right now

1. I just showered.
2. I'm eating oranges.
3. My room door is fixed.
4. My bug bites don't itch.
5. They fixed the kitchen light.
6. I don't have class on Fridays
7. The kitchen knife is SO SHARP.
8. I'm going to a museum tomorrow.
9. My hair is at the perfect length and color.
10. I painted my nails yesterday and they haven't chipped.
11. I feel sleep creeping up on me slowly.
12. "It girl" just came on KIIS FM.
13. I cooked a fresh new batch of rice.
15. I just google+ ed with my best friends.
16. I finally finished my bag of candy corn. 
17. I am pretty interested in all my classes.
18. I haven't seen any bugs today. yet.
19. I think I've gotten the transportation system down.
20. The wind is HOWLING outside. but I'm warm here in my tshirt and shorts.

I am freaking happy.

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