August 19, 2011

Bug me... not.

During my visit this summer to Taiwan, I'd racked up several "gut" factors in bug-endurance.  I was never the gnat catcher naturally.  But I think overexposure while camping in the mountains of Taiwan's National parks (Taroko to be specific), has forced me to come to peace with some insects... specifically, spiders.

Now I go by the mantra: Spiders eat mosquitoes. Therefore spiders = good. So I don't bother to kill them anymore.   Savvy :D

I was bit horrendously by mosquitoes when my precious bottle of OFF was used up. So like all my previous trips to Taiwan, I (honorably) brought back a plethora of souvenirs on my skin again. Darn mosquito bite scars.

I've thought about this before.  So hypothetically, if I needed to, I could move to Taiwan with no problem in terms of blending in with the culture and language.... but the ONE thing that would bug me (no pun intended) would be these mosquitoes. THEY FREAKING LOVE AMERICAN BLOOD.  I wonder if I would ever get natural resistance if I did stay there long enough. Surely I wouldn't want to be poisoned by DEET.

With that said, some creepy crawly pictures from my trip up the mountains!
Yangminshan: How many spiders can you find?

CLOSEUP! This one was especially huge.

Taroko: Spider!

This was a fun one... too bad I focused on the background instead of the actual caterpillar. 

Black and white striped creepies... They looked like blown up ants

Butterfly in flight! Leopard print no?

Lizard (?) climbing on the camp walls.
Butterfly flight caught in action!

tiiiny weeny geko!


That's me in the plaid! 

Disclaimer: Taiwan is not riddled with bugs. This is because I was up in the mountains. LOL 

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