December 18, 2010

M's loveeelyy twenty one... plus two =)

The birthday celebration of one of the most gorgeous, sweet, smart and funniest girl I have EVER met!

Naturally, the day began with everyone avoiding my lovely candid photography :P 
Including the beautiful birthday girl! (sniff)

l(m)ss at Larchmont!  elegance =) corkage fee for self brought champagne was a whopping 15!

beautiful wine / champagne glasses

Dinner buddiesss =) heheh teresa's so pretty and cutee!!

with I took more group pictures

waiting out in the frigid rain... body heat and blanket help warmed us up =P


guess my dinner!

me with some more of the gorgeous girlys=)

GMT <3
(my hair is so much shorter now in comparison lololl -.-)
Such a fun day night and day... now 

sorry f th lack of typing, my cmputer can't recgnz th top letters oof my keyboard nlss  press it SUPER hard! I dnt knwo what is wrong with my laptop! its s scay!!

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