December 21, 2010

Empty pockets but no one would care

Jukebox: Throwin' Shapes- Minus the Bear

Don't you just love the days when you can leave the house without anything...

No Cellphone, No Wallet, No ID... nothing but the clothes you were in.

simply because your parents have everything taken care of.

wow, those were the days

It just occurred to me that it hasn't been like that for close to a decade

Time does fly!

I re-lived the past a few days ago with self-built gingerbread.. *cough* graham crackers *cough*  houses. Nevertheless.. it was a delectable and nostalgic trip back to my youth. NOM.  A little army of gummy bears barricading the entrance ever so tentatively. They were the most delicious.. I had to eat them first.

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