December 16, 2010

Gryffindor *cough* holiday nails

My favorite song of the moment:

Jukebox: Late Night Alumni- Light Reading

So in tune with the song title above *pun :P*, this entry will be a light reading as well... about my festive nails! I haven't "played" around with nailpolish for wayyy too long. Had an inspiration this morning to do a Christmas-y theme.. but after looking at my result.... I think I'll have to go with "Gryffindor". I don't own the right shade of dark green polish.... nor am I ever planning on buying it. Yes red and gold <3 (Harry potter wise... NOT SCHOOL wise) ;)

My left hand is basically a mirror image of my right hand.. with inverted colors.  Snappy?  Funny story, the door bell rang right after I finished, lo and behold my TARTE packaged had arrived! It was a task itself trying to open the door pick up the package without messing up the nailpolish design and looking like a dainty idiot :)

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