December 28, 2010

Bowling away your worries :)

Jukebox: Phontaine - Feels Like Home (Yellowsoul)

1. The evening began with a pickle! 2. A personal alarm 3. What's a bowling adventure without some action shots? 3. Naturally... four asian players require six bowing balls. 5. Hmm.. which one to choose? 6. M gets ready to hit... A STRIKE! 7. This is the magic 8 ball: Celebrity 300. (...forced to lend his arm for the added dramatic picture-effect hahaha) 8. GAME OVER let's see the results 9. Kobe almost wins this bowling game. Perhaps he should change his career path? 10. Exhaustion takes over after two very fun and fulfilling games. 11. The shoes looked ancient. Ergo, my ingenious "paper-towel wrap around feet-as-pseudo-socks" method may haved saved me from contracting an unidentifyable foot fungi.

Either my hands are too shaky or I need to get a camera with better image stabilization. Canon S95... PLEASEEEE lower your priceeee!!! =P

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