October 11, 2011


It’s been about one month since I moved to Boston and other then my previous measly entry, I haven’t really updated this blog much. No worries, I haven’t forgotten you ole’ blogspot.

I have a lot to talk about, but naturally when I actually sit myself down to type, my mind goes blank. So I guess I’ll talk about today.

Two hours have passed since I woke up, and I have already gone through revelation, submission, witnessed deception, and procrastination.

Revelation. I’m pretty happy to say that my internal map/compass has been doing its duties. I’m not as disoriented as I thought. If you ask me now, I pretty much have the green line down pat like a nursery rhyme. Major bus routes too. I’ve conquered the public transportation… somewhat. All I need now is a library card to prove my residence. My classes are interesting times 100. Our health system is…. well.. let’s say a string of Christmas lights that when plugged in are beautifully lit…. except it’s all tangled up with missing bulbs.  Unfortunately there’s no Santa Claus in the healthcare system to magically straighten out the knots. You can hire that guy next door to do it for you, but it’s gonna cost money, and people will laugh at your laziness. Better take some time to figure it out yourself America.

Land of apple pies and hotdogs.

Mmm blueberry coffee.

This leads to the topic of submission. I don’t know if it’s the lame duck in me, but despite the plethora of Dunkin Donuts here… I haven't made a run there yet… until today. The concept of donuts and coffee are really not that enticing to me. Those of you that know I'm a sweet tooth might be shocked, but donuts just never caught on to my liking. I’m not a fan of coffee either. So I’m not sure how I ended up in the store 30 minutes ago. But I’m glad I did. My naiveness had me thinking they only sold donuts as their main non-liquid sustenance. DUH. I got myself a Chicken Sandwich (on an “everything” bagel) and a blueberry iced coffee. The man was really nice when I asked him whether the coffee flavors applied to all coffee drinks… and what people usually ordered. I had a horrible image in my head where all hell would break loose and every customer/staff member would turn and point at me in laughter “SHE HASN”T BEEN TO DUNKIN DONUTS BEFORE.” but no.

“The combo? ok so a medium iced coffee right?” "err.. sure".. My bill came out to be 40cents more. The asian in me asked.. wait, that’s 40 cents more then the combo. “you got a medium coffee not a small”. Darn sales tactic.

So then I jaywalk across four huge roads with ongoing traffic (the true Bostonian way) and manage to jam myself into the subway door right before it closed.

No one would know I was actually from the west coast with that kind of aggression.

Deception. For the month I’ve been here, I’ve only seen one guy with a skateboard. Today I saw my second. The B line was “empty” today. Basically this means that all seats are still taken, and I’m still wedged in the corner. But I’m not breathing on someone’s shoulder. And my back isn’t pressed against some unidentifiable body part. The guy in front of me has straggly, “I whip my hair back and forth” type of hair. He’s wearing plaid and he has a hot pink skateboard. You think your sooo cool. He picks up his iphone and of course I have to stare at it because I’m dying to know what kind of song he listens to. And to my surprise, the background on his phone is a picture of him smiling next to a picture of an older female, in a medical mask… on a hospital bed? Deception. The subway jerks to a stop. And two girls straight out from urban outfitter ads walk in. raybans, ankle boots the whole shebang. They decide to invade my bubble and continue their conversation. It’s about how she always has dreams where (this is LITERALLY WORD FOR WORD) people are near her when she needs to go “poop”.

They both break out in giggles.
I almost spat out my chicken sandwich.

Luckily, my stop came. And I squeezed my way out.

Procrastination. I’m sitting in the library right now, still eating my chicken sandwich even though the sign to my right  states “Please don’t bring food into the library”. There are five people studying in my plain view. The one on my left is fiddling with his iphone. The guy in front of me is working on a crossword. That girl is spending more time playing with her hair then reading. But I mean. We are in the library right? It’s the thought that counts.

In all seriousness though …. I need to start studying.
Sorry, for the abrupt ending.


  1. you didn't use a single explanation mark in that post O__o


  3. lolll too late. im holding it against u haha

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