October 15, 2011

Weather talk

They say it rains one out of every three days in Boston. This is certainly true. I have never worn rainboots so many times within a month's span.  They've become my go to shoes.

Unfortunately mine have an uncanny resemblance to fish market footwear. I definitely need something more fashionable... leather.

Along that same note, I haven't quite gotten used to the fact that it rains in warm weather.  In California, I was accustomed to hauling out my clothes akin to sleeping bags when rainy season arrived.  If I do that here, I'd get soaked from the rain and my own sweat.  Back home, winter wear was equivalent to layering everything we possibly owned, while hoping and praying that the sun will come out soon. People collectively dress cute here, even in dreary weather. Skirts or shorts with rainboots. Hmm...  I need to understand how this concept works. It's interesting.

I've tried not to let weather designate my plans.  But yesterday was a pretty big fail.  Come seven  I was supposed to attend a pretty exclusive event with my friend from home. But after taking a glance outside,  I let the California laziness wash over me.  Not without a fight though.  I got to the point where I actually put on my contacts and took out my umbrella.  Still, my night ended well. Hot chocolate and a movie on a rainy Friday night was the best way to go for a lazy person's soul.

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