December 03, 2011

Keeping my sugars high but guilt low.

School stress, studying, social life and impending deadlines are recipes for breakouts.  Intermix that with my everlasting taste for sweets.   Tis the season.  I'm sad to say my skin has recently been in a somewhat loosing battle.  So I'm starting to take action not just topically, but regulating my intakes as well. Here are a mashup of fast ways I try to curb my sweet tooth with skin health(ier) foods.  I am a extremely lazy person in terms of food preparation. IE. I will refuse to whip up a healthy delicious shake  because I don't want to spend the time taking out the frozen fruit, blending them and then spend 3 minutes cleaning the blender... so terrible.

- Vitamins. vitamin C. gummy vites. I look forward to taking them each day like 'candy', obviously the recommended dosage per day.
- Hot green tea with honey (with lemon?) instead of hot chocolate or coffee.
- Frozen grapes taste like frozen juice pops
- Citrus. This may be biased but I absolutely love oranges and orange juice.  These can curb my juice cravings.
- Thought process on buying that expensive basket of strawberries.   Is 3 dollars worth it?  Now think, are 3 dollars worth of dryers peppermint limited edition ice cream worth it? (AUGHHH MIND DILEMMA) Choose the berries.
- Organic unsweetened apple sauce and sweeten them with honey. Add a dash of cinnamon for extra flavoring.
- Fruit Yogurt on toasted bagels instead of cream cheese or jam.
- Use mint to "freshen" up your drinks instead of relying on carbonation.  ie. Lemons, Mint leaves and Honey makes a delicious cold drink.

Basically, I revolve around fruit and using honey as a sugar substitute. These may or may not be the "right way" persay. But  it keeps my taste buds satisfied and my senses guilt free. I am always down to new ideas so let me know if any of you have skin healthy ways of curbing your sweet tooth as well!

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  1. 1)sleep early on a normal basis (though that might be hard in school)
    2)no beef, shrimp, bamboo, crab, lobster (poisonous foods for people with bad skin according to chinese medicine. There are more, but those are the more common ones)
    3)no sugar (like you've noted)
    4)poo daily (or close to daily)
    5)eat asian pears
    6)drink coconut water