June 02, 2011

I had a scare.

Today was my first day out with my beloved iphone

obviously, I felt ultra cool.

At work, I took out my phone to check the time (and felt ultra cool)

After work I went to the market. While shopping, I received a text. Naturally, I put my basket of groceries on the floor and focused my undivided attention into texting back on my iphone (I felt ultra cool)

I went to the cashier, while talking on the iphone to my friend (and I felt ultra cool)

that is... until I reached in my purse to grab my wallet.

where is my wallet?

Way too many times had I taken my iphone in and out throughout that day... wayy too many places where I could have dropped it.

I took out my iphone to call my mother at home. (I didn't feel cool at all)

Thank goodness it was on the floor. Right next to my cell charger.

Moral of the story: don't neglect your wallet once you get an iphone. (or an htc evo if you lean that a way)

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