April 11, 2011

Despite being "technically" user friendly, Apple poses another threat

mom: come help me turn this on (referring to my ipod & ipod stereo dock)
me: ok no problem! hold on

-- five minutes -- ... (clearly I had forgotten)

mom: please, come help me! I'm machine illiterate
me: ok.. let me save this document really quickly, I'll come right now
mom: ok, come as soon as you can. you know technology illiterate people like me…… we get especially scared when we see this apple sign.

me: ..... really?

mom: yeah.. It means it's expensive.

In more technology related rants, presenting to you...

4 Reasons why I think a mouse is important.

Without one....
I cannot eat chips with one hand without getting my laptop keyboard dirty.
I cannot photoshop precisely
Playing games like l4d2 is a futile attempt

Most importantly! !!
there is no glowing aura around the mouse that acts as a calming night light when my laptop AND I go to sleep (pun intended)

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